Water Filtration / Purification

Without water, we would all quickly perish! The Water Filtration/Purification class is an introductory workshop of over 20 different systems and methods to purify water. Many of the systems covered in the class use household items or can be purchased at outdoor stores and even hardware stores at reasonable prices. Most of the systems are commonly used by campers, hikers and the military.

Course Objectives:

  • Different filtration systems available
  • Different water purification methods
  • How each system works/functions
  • The pros and cons of each method
  • How to make different systems using common house hold materials.
  • Demonstrate how the different systems work and under what kind of scenarios they may be useful
    • During an extreme weather event or natural disaster, people are often left without power. Very often, all the utilities also go down and the water supply becomes contaminated. The average person can only survive a few days without water. Worse yet, drinking water that hasn’t been purified can cause a whole list of medical problems. Some of these problems (Amoebic dysentery) dehydrate you even more and can cause rapid death.

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