Short vs. Long Term Preparation

Disaster Preparedness Boot Camp is primarily focused on helping you prepare for short term disasters. In reality, very few people have the ability to prepare for a long term catastrophe. There are so many different considerations when preparing that makes long term preparation almost impractical. This class will cover some of the different items to consider.

Course Objectives:

  • Define short-term preparation and important considerations
  • Define long-term preparation and important considerations
  • Long term and short term fuel storage (gas, diesel and propane)
  • Long term and short term food storage and different products available
  • Choosing the right location for long term preparation

We don’t believe that there is going to be some kind of cataclysmic disaster that will require you to prepare for years. We do believe that there is great potential for natural disasters and serious weather events that you should prepare for. Most of the Disaster Boot Camp team has lived through life changing weather events. We have experienced a category 5 hurricane that leveled entire neighborhoods. It was should we say “a unique” experience. Power wasn’t restored for months, looting was rampant. The police were in disarray because they couldn’t communicate and because their homes were gone too! It took over a week to get major roadways open and gas stations were closed for weeks. When you are put into these kinds of situations, you learn just how dependent we as a society have become! It doesn’t have to be that way. You can learn basic skills that will help you survive a catastrophic event and keep your family safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, you will never know how to unless you try to learn or better yet attend THE DISASTER PREPAREDNESS BOOT CAMP.

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