The Survivor Mindset

Understanding the psychological and physiological impact of critical incidents

This seminar is designed to help you prepare for and prevail when faced with life-threatening or traumatic events. The lead instructor in this course teaches a similar seminar to law enforcement and military personnel called (The Warrior Mindset). He recently retired from a large metropolitan police department and handed hundreds of shootings, robberies and homicides. A quick question to think about: Why is it that some people get non-life threatening injuries and immediately go into shock and other persons can be shot numerous times with high power rifles and continue to fight on? Attend the seminar and find out why.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand and recognize the physiological and psychological changes that occur when a person is thrust into a sudden stressful situation
  • Understand how these psychological and physiological changes can affect the ability to perform and survive during sudden stressful situations
  • Understand how experiencing a sudden stressful situation can lead to Post Traumatic Stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or Post Traumatic Growth
  • Understand how mental imagery, tactical self-talk and breathing improves stress inoculation and startle recovery

When we unexpectedly and suddenly face a life-threatening event, the brain and body instantaneously shift gears. Although these brain/body changes exist to help us survive, the changes may increase panic and poor decision-making in those unfamiliar with the changes. Understanding how the mind and body work and how some simple mind and breathing exercises improve performance increases our survivability during critical incidents. This understanding also helps us deal with the aftermath.

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