Disarming Techniques and Self-defense

The Basic Disarming Techniques and Self-defense workshop is a class taught to professional law enforcement officers and soldiers around the world. It is a “what if” class covering some of the most common self-defense situations.

Course Objectives:

  • Basic pistol disarming techniques
  • Demonstration of Fighting Ranges and Danger Zones
  • Basic Knife disarming techniques
  • Demonstrate knock out strikes and other debilitating blows
  • 5Perform basic self-defense techniques

Few people walk around looking for trouble. Unfortunately, there is always that certain element of “predator” or “troublemaker” that exists in ALL communities. Nobody ever thinks it will happen to them, which is why they are always the perfect victim. They are not mentally prepared for the altercation that is about to occur. This class is the “what if class”. What if somebody pulls a knife or gun on you? What would your response be? Did you know that a person armed with a knife can successfully attack and kill you 21 feet out, EVEN IF YOU HAVE A PISTOL! It’s true! This class will demonstrate that and other self-defense techniques. Did you know that if you pull a pistol on me and you’re within 3 feet, I can easily disarm you? Yep, it’s also true!

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