Knife Selection / Use

First and foremost, the knife is a tool! There are a multitude of uses for the knife and there is a wide selection of different knives to buy and carry. The class will cover a number of different subjects and will give you exposure to numerous different knives.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the knife as a tool
  • Selecting a knife, fixed blade versus folders
  • Sharpening your knife
  • Selecting a blade, different metals
  • Knives and combination tools

In many parts of the country carrying a knife is like putting on your underwear, you don’t leave home without it. A knife is simply a tool you shouldn’t leave home without. The real question is what kind of knife to carry and what is its intended purpose? Are you going to use it as a survival tool or as a back-up weapon? As we all know, knives can also be used as a self defense weapon in a worst case scenario. The Knife workshop will give you more exposures to knives and some of the unique designs out there.

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