The outdoor Archery class is an introductory workshop reviewing several different types of archery designs and applications. Many of the systems covered can be purchased at outdoor stores and can be found online in popular websites at reasonable prices. All the archery systems that will be discussed and shown are commonly used by hunters throughout the world. What’s cool about this workshop is that you will be able to go over to the Archery activities section and your your skills on some of the bows.

Course Objectives:

  • Archery and its applications
  • How each type of bow system works/functions
  • The pros and cons of each bow system
  • Different arrows and broad heads used in conjunction with each bow system
  • Finding and applying the proper bow setup to an individual’s needs
  • Demonstrate how the different systems work and under what scenarios they are most useful
  • Instructions on stalking techniques of wild game when utilizing archery
  • Applying archery in a self-defense scenarios

Archery has been used by man for centuries to hunt for food and personal defense. Archery has many benefits over rifles and pistols. First, in light of all the recent media attention, in many states and cities it’s getting more difficult to buy and own firearms. There are far less restrictions on archery. Second, it’s a lot cheaper! You can buy a simple bow for less than $100.00 and the arrows are reusable. Third, a bow is virtually silent. You can hunt game and the whole world won’t even know you are there. Lastly, archery is a great hobby. You can go out to an open field and target practice all day and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg; like if you went to the range with a pistol or rifle.

During an extreme weather event or natural disaster, people are often prepared for a week or two of being without food. What happens when that week or two lapses and the stores are still not open and you are still without power or any new supplies? If you don’t have food, what will you cook for your family? What will you do if you can’t go to the grocery store to buy one of the most essential things, food? The stores may still be closed or without new supply. If you live in an area that is at all close to the wilderness, you will be able to find and stalk pray in order to survive. These are items you need to consider when preparing for a disaster. The archery and bow systems workshop gives you exposure to the different systems so when the time comes you don’t have to rely on a store or other people around you in order to eat. Having the peace of mind that you will be able to provide for yourself and your family is fundamental when it comes to survival and archery is the tool that can provide a person with that peace of mind.

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