The Contingency Kit “bug out bag”

You turn on the television and all you see and hear about on the news is a “Super Storm” that is going to make land fall in the next 24 hours! It happened in 2012 and that region of the country still hasn’t fully recovered. Worse yet, many people lost their lives and others lost all their worldly possessions. This class will cover what to take and what not to take if you have to evacuate or leave your home.

Course Objectives:

  • Why you might want to have an emergency evacuation plan
  • Prioritizing items to take with you
  • The Contingency Kit
  • Securing your residence if you do leave
  • You decided to stay, now what?

This workshop is meant to make you think about and evaluate your evacuation plan or vice versus, what you should do if you stay. Many people never even consider it and when the time does come they are overwhelmed or worse yet, they decide just to stay and ride it out without a plan. Having a plan and being prepared will reduce your stress level, eliminate the long lines, make your family feel more secure and enable you to concentrate on other critical things that may happen.

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