Evacuation During a Disaster

Preparing for a disaster takes thorough planning and preparation. The decision to leave your home is a tough one and requires careful consideration. There are many variables to evaluate before you make the decision to ride out a storm or to evacuate. This class will cover some of the considerations that need to be taken.

Course Objectives:

  • Explain why every person should have a plan
  • Implementing your plan
  • Checklists of things to take and do
  • Preparing and securing your residence before you leave
  • What to expect while in route
  • You have decided to stay, are you ready?

We hope that by now, everybody has watched the news from previous disasters and weather events to learn from other people’s experiences. Who could forget the images and news of Hurricane Katrina or Super Storm Sandy? Many people decided to stay in their homes and were not prepared because they ended up dying. This why we say that staying in your home during a disaster and riding it out could have “life altering” consequences! Learn to make educated decisions and not emotional based ones, your families lives may depend on it.

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