Building a Fire

Yeah we know “who doesn’t know how to start a fire” right? Surprisingly a lot of people don’t. Sure you carry a lighter around; but have you ever cooked a meal over a camp fire or boiled water over a fire? If it’s wet outside, it may be a little more difficult than you think? The Fire Building workshop will introduce you to other methods of making fire and managing the fire so you don’t burn the forest down.

Course Objectives:

  • Magnesium fire starters
  • Starting a fire with a battery
  • Friction based fire starting
  • Lens based methods
  • Fuels and propellants
  • Building a fire pit

Fire is a basic survival tool. Whether you’re camping or don’t have electricity at home because of a power outage, eating cold food for days on end SUCKS! What may even suck more is being wet, cold and having to eat cold food because you can’t start a fire. Learn different methods of starting a fire and then managing it once you get it started. We know its basic, but hey everybody has to start somewhere. How did the evolution of man begin? Fire!

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