Basic Outdoor Shelters

The Basic Outdoor Shelters workshop will cover a variety of commercially available tents along with man-made shelter options. We will explain their construction and you will get hands on exposure to over twenty different tents. We will also construct a couple wilderness shelters.

Course Objectives:

  • The basics on tent construction
  • The basics of wilderness shelter construction
  • Tarp tents and poncho tents
  • Demonstrate the assembly of a wide variety of tents/shelters

Setting up a shelter is an important skill that some people may eventually have to use. It’s often possible that after a storm strikes, you are left with NOTHING but the foundation of your home. You think that you will be able to book a nearby hotel only to find out that they are all full! A tent or shelter can give you the ability to stay on your property until you figure out your next move and have collected all your belongings. It also provides shelter during an evacuation or relocation. The class is also great if you like to go camping or hiking.

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