Basic Life Saving (BLS) Medical Bag

The Basic Life Saving (BLS) Medical Bag class covers the contents of an essential home medical bag. BLS bags are carried by fire rescue units, ambulances and first responders nationwide. Many people also carry BLS bags in their vehicles. Every household should have some kind of medical bag readily available, BAR-NONE.

Course Objectives:

  • Explain why every family should have a medical kit readily available
  • Explain the use and functions of each item in the bag
  • Cover some of the “Optional” items you can also carry in your bag
  • Demonstrate how each item works


Accidents happen; It’s really that simple. Whether a child is injured while playing or you’re injured in a traffic accident, you should have some kind of medical kit readily available. Factor in any kind of serious weather event or man-made event and you may find yourself the only person available to treat injured persons, including yourself!

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