Managing livestock (chickens, goats, rabbits etc.)

Did you know that in many communities, you can raise your own chickens? It’s true! This class will introduce you to raising your own livestock. You will learn how simple it is to set-up a small chicken coop in your back yard and if you own a few acres, how having cows and other animals could be a good compliment to being self sufficient!

Course Objectives

  • Chickens and building chicken coops
  • Cows and dairy products
  • Goats and dairy products
  • Other simple livestock and their uses

Whether it’s for the eggs the chickens lay or the milk a goat makes, it may make sense to raise animals for food. It’s all about having the knowledge and ability to sustain you and your family. Another great benefit of raising farm animals is the learning opportunity that it provides your children. You can teach your kids about responsibilities and being a responsible pet owner. Although raising chickens is relatively easy, they need to be fed and given water every day. Again, we know not all people have the ability or desire to raise livestock but at least having the knowledge and expanding your awareness can help in a disaster situation.

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