Food Storage Techniques

The Food Storage workshop covers various methods of preserving different foods. It will also cover some of the common misconceptions about people who have large volumes of canned goods stored.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Cover canning your own vegetables
  • Explain different methods of freeze drying
  • Demonstrate how dehydrating foods works
  • Cold storage and root cellars

Before the advent of refrigeration, people had to process and preserve their own foods to make it through the winter. In many areas of the country, people still practice that time honored tradition. Learning to preserve and store your own food is just another way of not making yourself reliant on grocery stores. Add in the factor that after a major disaster, most grocery stores run out of food and sometimes don’t reopen for extended periods of time. Everybody has seen the lines of people waiting for ice, food and water after a natural disaster. You don’t want to be one of those people.

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