Outdoor Cooking Systems

The Outdoor Cooking Systems Class is an introductory workshop covering over 12 different outdoor cooking systems. Many of the systems that the class will teach you about can be made out of household items or be purchased at outdoor stores and even hardware stores at reasonable prices. Most of the cooking systems are commonly used by campers and hikers.

Course Objectives:

  • Different cooking systems available
  • How each system works/functions
  • The pros and cons of each system
  • Different fuels that you can use with each system
  • Fuel storage and transportation issues with certain systems
  • How to make different systems using common house hold materials
  • Demonstrate how the different systems work and under what kind of scenarios they are useful

During an extreme weather event or natural disaster, people are often left without power for weeks and sometimes months. If you do not have electricity, how do you cook your meals? What do you do if you can’t go to the hardware store to buy a tank of propane because it is closed? If you live in an apartment, can you just build a fire and heat your food or water? These are items you need to consider when preparing for these events. The cooking systems workshop gives you exposure to the different systems so when the time comes you don’t have to eat peanut butter sandwiches and canned tuna for weeks on end till power and order is restored!

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