Smartphones / Mobile Applications

It’s hard to deny that smart phones have changed the way we live. The smart phone is basically a small handheld computer you can carry in your pocket. This class will show you the many uses of your phone and goes hand in hand with the Communication Station Activity section were you can download useful applications and get hands on guidance.

Course Objectives:

  • Introduction to the iPhone and other smart phones capabilities
  • External antennas and solar/alternate chargers
  • Using your phone as a GPS
  • Medical guides, survival guides and other useful applications

Smart phones can be an invaluable tool during a disaster. You can keep a check list of your important tasks. You can use it as a GPS to evacuate from an impending storm. You can use it as a guide during a medical emergency. You can use it to track storm systems. These were just a few examples; the uses for the smart phone are endless!

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