Learn how to become less dependent. Passionate experts will provide you with the knowledge and training that you’ll need to survive any disaster.

All of our workshops have been carefully selected by a panel of experts to provide you with the best training experience possible. We cover a broad spectrum of skills so you can keep your family safe and comfortable. By becoming proficient in these skills you can greatly improve your odds of survival after a disaster and sustain a relatively comfortable lifestyle until help arrives. Please note that these are not your typical snoozing workshops. They’re packed with tons of practical examples and demonstrations that will keep you engaged the entire time.

Our instructors all possess both years of technical hands on subject matter experience and a true passion for what they do. They will provide you with step by step instructions on how to perform each skill, discuss their application and provide alternative options. These are not theory courses; their courses are designed to be practical, relevant, fun and most importantly lifesaving. Our dedicated instructors will make sure that you gain the knowledge needed in a comfortable friendly environment.

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