Why Prepare

The truth about being prepared

No we do not mean planning for a comet hitting the earth or a super volcanic eruption. Nor do we fear the “Zombie Hordes” attacking or an alien invasion from outer space.. We could go on and on but we think you get the point. Although we don’t believe in a Zombie Apocalypse, we do believe that natural disasters and other isolated events will take place and we need to be better prepared.

The Practical Reality

Our goal is to reduce some of the fears associated with living in the modern world and the dependencies that we have on others for our basic necessities. The reality is that hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, fires, blizzards and other events have always been a part of the world we live in. However, as our urban centers expand and population densities increase, the effects that these events have on our lives is increasing at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, most Americans have become dependent for most, if not all, of their essential life sustaining needs. Although the government has plans in place to assist in the event of a disaster, the reality is that it may take weeks or even months for help to reach everyone. It is up to you to be prepared and possess the knowledge to survive until help arrives. Again, we’re not talking about years of stockpiling a bunch of crap you’ll never need. Start off with a goal of one week and work up to a realistic goal of thirty days just to be safe. Help will arrive and things will eventually start getting back to normal. You just need to be able to survive until it does. More importantly, why not survive with comfort and confidence.

Duty to yourself, your family, and your neighbors

It is your duty as an American to be prepared. Yes, the government is there to assist you and will do the best they can to help but you are ultimately responsible for your own health and well being. You, the citizen, need to be prepared to assist in an emergency situation and not become another burden. Furthermore, you have a responsibility to your family. Family members will look to you for guidance, reassurance and peace of mind during a disaster. This is something that can only be achieved through proper preparation and training. Lastly, you owe it to your neighbors to be prepared. After a disaster, a community must come together to recover. You have a duty to your neighbors to contribute to the effort in any way that you can. Don’t just become another hungry mouth to feed. Be prepared to contribute and help get your community back on it’s feet after a disaster.


What you can expect


Learn new practical skills that will both entertain you and enable you to be better prepared during an emergency situation. Whether completely new to you or a refresher course, these fundamental skills will become a hobby or passion that will save lives during a time of need.


Being prepared doesn’t mean hiding in a bunker under your garage with 10,000 rounds of 5.56 and won’t happen by just attending this event. Meet new friends that care about their family and community as much as you do. These lifelong friends will help in a time of need and will provide the network to bring us together after a disaster.

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