Nick Williams

Nick Williams

Nick Williams is the instructor for the smartphone and solar energy classes.  Nick currently works as the Director of Information Systems for Veeyah, a small start up that aims to save the solar industry from the government.  Right now, Veeyah is focused on educating people about the state of renewable energy in America today.

Nick holds Security+ and ITIL certifications in addition to a degree in Mathematics with Computer Science from MIT and another in Business Management from Sloan.
His background includes several years in the DC area as a Technical Director helping to spin off a niche company that provides custom network management solutions for various federal entities.  Prior to that, he supported various network management projects for Tier 1 telcos in America and Australia.

An avid backpacker and Eagle scout, Nick has interspersed his professional engagements with backpacking adventures in Africa, Europe, and the US.  His experiences have taught him the importance of, not just being prepared, but also having flexibility and contingency plans.

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