Jared Corry

Jared Corry is a knife tool making specialist. He manufactures all kinds of knives, tomahawks, swords and other cutting tools. He is an expect craftsman and has been working with metal ever since he can remember. He also Cerakote’s (Protective finish) firearms and other tools.More importantly though, Jared and his father share the exact same mind set as the Disaster Preparedness Team. Check out his website and you will see for yourself: http://selfrelianceessentials.com/information/preparedness/.

Quite simply, they believe “like we do” that the every American citizen should be prepared.

Jared will be attending the event AND will be participating in some of the events. Check out his table and take a look at some of his products. If he’s not at his table, more than likely you will find him doing one of our cool activities or workshops.

Link: http://selfrelianceessentials.com/category/omnivore-blade-works/

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