Gene Jones

Gene Jones

Gene Jones is the Disaster First Aid lead instructor. He will be teaching the some of the first aid courses along with the skills and lab seminars. He is currently a paramedic with Miami Dade Fire Rescue Department on their fireboats and a licensed instructor with the Florida State College. His background is a former Marine Biologist, commercial/research diver who’s worked on expeditions all over the world ranging from the polar regions of Antarctica to the tropical regions of the Caribbean. He also worked as an officer and deckhand on commercial fishing vessels in Alaska, New Zealand, the South Pacific, as well as the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. He’s very used to working in remote areas where one’s reliance upon themselves can make the difference between life and death in an emergency situation.

An avid outdoorsman, Gene grew up camping, hunting, and fishing around North Carolina. He teaches CERT (Community Emergency Response Training) for MDFR to local municipalities in order to provide an understanding of what communities face in hurricanes, tornados, and other disasters. Having experienced firsthand over a dozen major hurricanes in the US and Caribbean, he brings a background of the importance of being able to take care of one’s own preparedness so that you’re able to care and provide assistance for others. When he’s not working he enjoys traveling to airshows around the East Coast showing his restored WWII vintage airplane which is dedicated to the memory of WWII veterans who fought for our freedom. His Disaster First Aid courses have an emphasis on self-reliance and preparedness of family and friends as the foundation of safe and comfortable survival.

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