Carl Baaske

img-carl1Carl working as a Firefighter

Carl Baaske is the Director of Training and Operations.  He will also be teaching the Outdoor Cooking Systems Workshop.    He has a diverse background and skill set.  Carl served in the Army as an Airborne Ranger in the 2nd Ranger Battalion, Intelligence Analyst in 11th Special Forces Group (HQ) and Intelligence Sergeant in the 478th Civil Affairs Battalion.  During that time period, Carl was also a certified instructor teaching leadership fundamentals, land navigation/map reading, basic parachuting, physical fitness, basic marksmanship skills and other soldier tasks.  He has been a police officer for 23 years and a Detective for the last 19 years.  He has also been a Fire fighter/EMT.   Carl currently works as a narcotics detective on several federal task forces.  Carl teaches a number of law enforcement investigative classes as well as first responder medical classes to other law enforcement officers.

img-carl2Carl clearing an underground lab

Carl is an avid outdoorsman, he uses his REAL LIFE experiences from the military, law enforcement, firefighting/EMT and instructing to compliment his outdoor courses. He is the Owner/Operator of North Georgia Mountain Guides.  Carl teaches all the skills necessary to hike/camp for long periods of time, surviving in all weather conditions with only the gear on your back.  Most of the skills Carl utilizes in a wilderness environment, also prepares people to be self-reliant and prepared after a disaster.

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