No Bootcamp This Year

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Dear Friends,

We regret to inform you that the event has been cancelled this year. Although many of you offered your assistance and showed continued support, we couldn’t reach the registration goal needed in order to offer the event. If you have already registered and paid, your credit card will be refunded for the full amount within the next week.

A few of the instructors will be offering more individualized hands on training opportunities throughout the year for smaller groups.

Please stay tuned for more information.


The entire team!

Photo Contest

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If you have pictures of our previous events, Cabin Fever in 2014 or DPB in 2013, please share them!  We’re offering two free tickets for the best picture of one of our previous events.  Just post them on our page at


PS: Bonus points if you can bug Facebook to actually change our page URL!  They keep ignoring our requests.

Become More Independent at DPB

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Do you have a plan if a disaster strikes your community?  Will you be take to take basic steps to protect yourself and your family or will you be completely dependent on official responders?


earthquake house


Whether you live near the coast, in a city, on a farm, or up in the mountains, there are a number of things you can do to be prepared when disaster strikes.  Don’t just worry about it!  Have some fun with us getting ready, so you can have peace of mind.


Please join us at the beautiful camp Ramblewood in Maryland this October to learn skills and share tips about preparedness.  Take part in a fun community of people who understand that getting prepared for the unexpected is not a hardship but an opportunity for learning.


All the best,

Disaster Preparedness Boot Camp Team

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Special Guest Chris Hackett

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We’re psyched to have Chris Hackett, the current host of the Science Channel’s show Stuck with Hackett, attending the Bootcamp as a special guest!


During the weekend (October 4th – 6th at Ramblewood), Chris will be working on a special project taking ordinary discarded household appliances and turning them into useful tools.  You’ll witness first hand how one man’s garbage can be transformed into another man’s treasure.

Chris Hackett

Bringin’ the obtanium!

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